Profits you can measure with results you can see

Clear Return on Investment

Informs your decision-making by answering the toughest questions

  • Should I continue farming this field or renegotiate my rent?
  • Is it worth doing another spray pass?
  • If I sell my crop, how much profit can I lock in?

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The Best Support Team in Ag

Work directly with top notch experts who:

  • Grew up on a farm, have an agriculture degree, or have agriculture work experience
  • Guide your decisions to match your goals
  • Will show you how to capture and use data to make more confident decisions

What Customers Say

We're with you from day one and anytime you need us


Trainers lead your farm through initial setup, including customized live training, to lay the foundation for aligning with your business goals


Dedicated to your operation, your coach is focused on aligning Granular with your specific goals, plans, and strategies, providing long term value


Product and agronomic specialists are on hand 12 hours a day to answer questions via chat, email, or phone – average response time is <30 seconds

Leading Data Science

Proven agronomic, mechanical, and statistical techniques to identify and recommend opportunities for better decision-making:

  • Historical field performance guidance
  • Crop health data from Pioneer’s global field testing
  • Estimates for land value and expected yield

How Our Data Science Works


We bridge science and analysis, arming you with the data and analytics you need to build on your goals to continuously improve your operation, taking efficiency to the next level


Estimating opportunities to increase yields and profits is an uncertain task. We help you optimize resources in short supply, increasing production efficiency of food, fuel, and fiber


We combine data from a wide range of sources – everything from land records to weather patterns, machine data to soil composition – to build models for analyses you can count on

Committed to Data Privacy

We take being stewards of your data very seriously. Granular respects your data and maintains strict policies on how it can be used. Above all else, we’re using our data set to develop better products for our customers, not for third-party profit.

Our FAQ answers many straightforward questions about how we can and can’t use your data so we are as upfront and open as possible. The protections for our customers, which we are legally obligated to in our Data & Privacy Policy, are among the strongest in the entire industry.

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