Encirca Satellite Imagery for Your 2018 Growing Season: Scouting’s Best Friend

Ever have that gut feeling that you’re missing something? Sure, you’ve sent some scouts out to patrol the fields, but how much can be seen from sporadic drive-bys and random checkpoints?
The real question is how much will it cost you come harvest when it’ll be too late. This is where remote sensing, or observation without touching, commonly referred to as satellite imagery, can truly benefit your operation this 2018 growing season.

Yield Maps—Too Little, Too Late

For years we’ve been printing out pretty yield maps at harvest time. And yeah, it’s cool to see the correlation between actual yield numbers and the problem areas you saw in the field. Definitely helps inform your game plan for next season. But that’s just it, it’s already too late to course correct for this season.
Yield maps are like report cards at the end of the school year. Grades are turned in, the crop is harvested, better luck next year.
We want you to help you be better prepared—with frequent, actionable updates throughout the season, kind of like progress reports where you can improve outcomes before it’s too late. Daily satellite imagery gives you snapshots of your crop’s progress, with crop health data showing you potential issues.

Satellite Imagery + Crop Health Data by Encirca = Scouting Efficiency

Our industry-leading imagery solution is layered with millions of acres of data from DuPont Pioneer field tests, images, and agronomic models, all analyzed to produce crop health difference maps that show you exactly where to prioritize your resources.
To learn more about how our technology works, how it can save time scouting, or even save costs on more expensive types of imagery, check out our webcast, led by Encirca agronomic and product experts.

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