More than Software: With Granular You Get a Team of Ag Experts

So you just bought Farm Management Software. Or maybe you’re considering it. All you do is hit an install button and it runs like an auto-steer tractor, right?
Ok, well not exactly, but with guidance from the Granular Customer Success and Support team, FMS will feel like a well-oiled machine, and you’ll wonder how you lived without.
What makes Granular valuable is that once it’s up and running, you’ll have an organized way to keep records, manage your crew, and get a real-time financial pulse on your operation, all in one place.
From day one, Granular provides you with immediate gains on operational efficiency – centralizing team communication, more accurately tracking input costs, and knowing your real-time inventory are just a few ways. With Granular FMS, the yield from your investment will feel like an office bumper crop.
So where to start? It’s much easier than you can imagine with the right team on your side – a team that knows software, agriculture, and what it takes to run a farm business. Check out the ways we build a relationship with you and your operation, and what our customers tell us about what it’s like to work with our Ag experts.

Four Ways We Partner With You

When you sign up for Granular, you are connected to a team of Customer Success professionals, dedicated to making sure you find full value and an easy way to achieve your goals.
Each team member brings a wealth of agriculture experience with them, using their insight and expertise to help your operation. Just take it from Granular customer, Dylan Branch: “The Granular team is always there for us. They have more agricultural knowledge than I have seen from any other software company.”
Let’s meet the team!
1. Your Trainer
To kickoff your journey with Granular, you are paired with a dedicated Training professional to onboard your whole team. This includes outlining goals to understand the purpose of your latest technology investment, and completing custom training sessions based on each person’s role in the operation.
Why is this important? Customers tell us that the best way to introduce something new to the team is to “hold their feet to the fire.” They also value having a partner to guide fundamental decisions on how to set up crop and field plans, and establish ways to track and measure everything from inputs and tasks, to equipment and inventory. As soon as you sign up, your trainer will get you off to a solid start to decide on the best approach for ensuring your success with Granular.
2. Your Coach
In addition to the Training professional, your farm will have a dedicated representative, a Customer Success Coach. Our team of coaches partner with you one-on-one for the majority of your journey with Granular. They are your go-to for strategic planning, working closely with you to set clear and measurable goals, and keeping you on track to achieve them.
Your coach will show you how your data can be used to guide operational and financial decisions for each season and every task, ensuring Granular captures what’s needed to determine field-level costs, tasks, revenue, and overall profitability. They also provide your direct feedback to our team of product developers.
One of our long-standing customers, Tyson Franks, describes the benefit of his relationship like this, “No program out there is perfect. But there is no company out there that listens like Granular.”
3. Your Support Team
This is where I come in! As you continue to work with your Customer Success Managers, my team is here to answer questions and solve problems you have while using the web and mobile app. When you contact support, you’re instantly connected with a product specialist who is happy to help you and is as dedicated to your success as our whole team.
We respond in a moment’s notice to make sure you don’t miss a beat on your way to adopting Granular. No question is too small for us. Customers appreciate the various ways they can reach us – by phone, email, and in-app chat. We’re available 7am-7pm CST Monday through Friday by in-app chat, phone, or email. It makes us proud to hear customers like Michael Yost, one of our frequent chatters, say that we have the best Support team of any vendor he’s worked with in the ag industry
4. Your Self-Help Tools
With our whole team backing you, it’s hard to imagine what else you might need! Still, we know that a set of comprehensive self-help and education tools make it easier and faster for our customers to learn and expand their use of Granular.
Articles and Videos – The Granular Help Center has “getting started” and FAQ articles and videos that come in handy when you’re trying out a new workflow. For example, we have Planting and Harvest checklists to walk you through exactly what you need to in Granular as part of your overall seasonal preparation. Other articles answer questions like, how do I track cover crops, how do I import my FSA boundaries, and how do I spread a cost across multiple years? It’s easy to get your question answered with over 400 articles. And all of our content is searchable directly within the Granular app!
Training by Granular – To develop the skill levels of your employees, we also offer Granular Academy training courses. These courses help certify employees with the basic requirements to operate Granular in the mobile or web app—perfect for new hire training. “Basics of the Mobile App” is one great example. We frequently see customers hosting their own team trainings at morning meetings using this course and others. Our courses have guided instructions on all important tasks in Granular, like creating crop plans or recording grain inventory, as well tips and tricks from us and other users, like 10 Ways to Use Input Usage Analyzer.
This team is one of many at Granular – a company passionate about creating ways for farmers to be more efficient and profitable. We want to see you succeed using our productivity enhancing software so you can be more efficient and profitable in your most important work—feeding our growing population.
The Granular Customer Success team is here and ready to go when you are.

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