Granular Announces Agronomy Brand Consolidation and Realignment

Ag is an industry where continuous innovation is rewarded, which means evolution and change are inevitable for success. With that in mind, Granular is proud to announce that we’ll be consolidating our agronomy products and brands to accelerate our progress in this area.

Agriculture software tools, like those offered by Granular and Encirca Services, help farmers and their advisors make the most informed decisions for their operations. Going forward, Granular will transition the features and functionality of Encirca and incorporate them into Granular solutions, specifically Granular Agronomy and Granular Insights. Encirca products will be available and serviced for the remainder of this growing season and will be fully retired by the end of 2019.

“Encirca created an incredible foundation to build on and delivered substantial value to the market,” said Tamar Rosati, SVP of Product at Granular. “With this consolidation, we’ll be incorporating the strengths of the Encirca tools into the Granular product experience. We’ll now have one brand focus and one ultimate Granular customer experience.”

Granular product offerings for growers include the following:

  • Granular Agronomy is a combination software and service solution that delivers intelligent and timely nitrogen, soil fertility, and seeding recommendations. It helps farmers apply the right product at the right rate and time to maximize input investments. The software plus the support of certified services agents leverages soil data, satellite imagery, historical yield data, and field-level weather statistics to create customized recommendations that ensure optimal input application. This product replaces Encirca Premium, which offered similar functionality, and service will be expanded into Canada this year.
  • Granular Insights is the newest software solution available from Granular and offers efficient in-season scouting tools powered by high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery on both desktop and mobile app. It sends growers a weekly email list of top fields to scout, plus it offers imagery downloads to reference when cell service is low or unavailable. Aspects of Encirca Pro, such as high-frequency satellite imagery and heat maps of vegetation progress, are available in Granular Insights. Additional features will be available over time.
  • Granular Business is a robust farm management software that provides growers with better financial and operational control. This tool allows growers to easily create and adjust detailed plans, efficiently manage their crew, and accurately monitor and report their financials.

“We believe that we can bring additional value to farmers quickly by merging all of our agronomy software under Granular,” Rosati said. “Customer feedback will remain at the core of our product development process, and we’re looking forward to continuing to partner with our grower customers as our software evolves.”

Granular is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience. Serving as the software division of Corteva, the company provides software and digital analysis tools for farmers and shared customers.

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