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By automatically combining your planting and yield data with estimated revenue and costs, Granular Insights lets you see what’s working field by field and which acres are holding you back. Answer tough questions with clear, simple analysis and see how agronomic decisions impact your bottom line.

Simple, Straightforward Analysis for Better Decision-Making

  • Compare estimated field profitability in minutes without reconciling endless spreadsheets
  • See financial and agronomic map layers side-by-side
  • Understand the impact of harvest moisture and planting date on your yield

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Know Where to Scout First

With Directed Scouting, you can catch and correct issues faster.

  • High-frequency, 3-metre resolution satellite imagery shows in-field changes with WDRVI.
  • Weekly email alerts target where to scout first.
  • Snap and share geolocated notes and photos with your team.
  • GPS pinpoints your exact location in the field.

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“Before I had Granular, I'd walk into a corner of a field and check with the old-school way of thinking, 'if this corner's okay, the rest of the field must be okay.' With Granular, the satellite imagery brought in a way to view my fields a lot more efficiently. I could pinpoint areas within fields that needed attention.”

Trevor Cox,  Coxlyn Farms — Uxbridge, Ontario

Make More Profitable Decisions
Compare profit on each acre with varieties planted or seeding rate using agronomic and financial map layers.

See What Works
Pull up simple charts that show the impact of harvest moisture and planting date on your yield.

Make Use of Your Data
Upload data you already collect from 10+ manufacturers, including John Deere Operations Center.

Collaborate with Your Team
Snap and send geolocated photos and notes.

Catch & Correct Issues Faster
Add on Directed Scouting for high-frequency, 3-metre resolution satellite imagery and weekly email alerts.

Increase Scouting Efficiency
Get a prioritized list of fields to scout straight to your inbox instead of sorting through hundreds of images.

Stop second guessing with Granular Insights.

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