Gunz and Rows – Introducing Grower Field Trials for 2020

Granular Agronomy provides software that helps growers manage their agronomy questions, delivered through trusted advisors. To do this, we use measured data from plot experiments and observations (whether by Corteva scientists or leading universities) to build and engage models and algorithms.

These models attempt to emulate the vastly complex biological, chemical, and physical processes that are taking place in growers’ fields, and through them, our services help to show the response of a particular input (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, corn seeding rates) to potential yield and profit.

But these models and algorithms do not generate themselves, nor can they be founded on laboratory and small plot work alone. They are best validated and improved when molded and forged on the growers’ fields themselves. Yes, the initial work done by scientists moves the needle initially, but the final refinement is performed in the field with still a certain level of measurement, one step away from the typical production environment. Granular Agronomy intends to build tools that serve growers with the best available science from the lab to the field.

To that end, Granular Agronomy is working with Certified Service Agents (CSAs) and interested Corteva & Pioneer field agronomists to engage growers in 2020 on a number of field trials that will support Granular Agronomy product development and increase the agronomic understanding of growers and CSAs. Supported by Granular’s Agronomy Science team, CSAs will be the “boots on the ground”, working with growers in the U.S. and Canada to set up field trials, take field measurements, and collect data for future analysis. In turn, the Agronomy Science team will do the detailed work of creating variable rate scripts for use by growers, supplying the sampling materials and laboratory analysis, and finally, performing the time-consuming work of data analysis and reporting.

These trials include testing the response of yield to nitrogen and other fertility applications, basic data collection of soil and tissue throughout the growing season, and testing of various approaches to irrigation, fungicide, and plant growth regulators. A key trial for CSAs is the Local Trial, which provides them an opportunity to create a trial around key questions they are receiving from growers, such as sulfur, cover crops, manure, and more. CSAs are provided a budget for analysis for these trials and can work with the Agronomy Science team at Granular to ensure the trials are replicated and produce good data.

Of course, growers will benefit from engaging with Granular and CSAs in these trials. At the end of the season, reports will be generated by Granular Agronomy for each trial, documenting the parameters and results taking place on the grower’s field. The grower also has the option to include these findings in a regional document that further summarizes the results. Finally, in situations where a yield loss may occur due to the parameters of the trial, compensation will be provided to make up the lost revenue. The grower is at the center of this process, and we intend to do right by them.

The Granular Agronomy Science team is presently working with CSAs and Corteva & Pioneer agronomists to line up trials for the 2020 season; some trials, like fertility response, will extend for 4 years, while the others are typically for one year only. CSAs will be provided sample bags, boxes, and shipping labels and support to make the trials go smoothly this spring. Both growers and CSAs have a hundred different things going on during that time, and our intention is to not make it any more of a burden.

Bottom line: To provide the best agronomy management software on the market, Granular engages with growers, through CSAs and agronomists via field trials to measure, test, and refine the underlying science, ensuring that it serves best on your fields.

If you are a grower and interested in participating in the Grower Trials, please see your local Granular Agronomy Certified Services Agent or email our Field Trials Specialist Brett McArtor at [email protected] for more information.

Bob can be reached at 515-897-8075 or [email protected] with any Agronomy Science questions or comments.

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