Ideas for Scaling Your Farm Operation With Bryant Ag: Interview & Webcast

Staying on top of your crew’s work is a constant task, so you probably have a good idea for how to best plan your crew’s work. But if you want to grow or scale your farm in the most efficient manner, equipping your crew for high performance is key.
Kasey and Heath took time out of their busy lives to join us for a webinar on how they manage one of the most important aspects of growth: efficiently planning their crew’s work.
They took us through a day in the life of a farm manager: setting up workflows, equipping the team for high efficiency, and reviewing completed work. Below is a quick summary and a few questions on how Bryant Ag operates and plans their crew’s day. For the complete interview, listen to the webcast on demand.

Passing Down the Farm With Succession Planning

Kasey Bamberger and Heath Bryant manage all aspects of Bryant Ag – a successful and growing operation in Washington Court House, Ohio. They are third generation business partners currently operating in seven counties.
Kasey and Heath attribute their success in growing their business with efficient management practices and a succession plan that keeps all of their knowledge and farm data in one place.
How do you go about setting up your day and tracking the day’s work? “We do a lot of planning and training. We have daily meetings with our ops managers, usually at night or early in the morning to decide what needs to be learned, done, and what equipment to use where. We assign equipment, tasks, and track as-applied input usage. In case we need to make changes to tasks in real-time, we use Granular so we have an accurate record of who did what and when.”
How do you evaluate areas you want to improve on? “We look for mistakes and corrections that were made. We also make sure that operators are not choosing a generic input when the as-applied input usage is different. This is how we measure our efficiency to make the right decisions.”
How do you adjust if things don’t go according to plan? No matter what, “rain or shine, everyone always comes to work.” Unpredictability will always happen, so we “use generic crop plans for each farm” for the most flexibility. Granular’s Mobile App gives us a quick way to change up the day using the unplanned work features.
What made Bryant Ag decide to go with Granular? “We felt like it was a good way to gain knowledge about our operation quickly. I have more of a business background, managing our office staff and managing landowners and financials. Heath manages the production end, so we feel like we make a pretty good team. We also know that there’s power knowing all areas of our operation. When we first met with Granular, we were so excited because it was a great way for me to understand what was going on in the fields without having to be in the fields, because we know that’s not where I’d be best utilized at. It also gave Heath the platform to have a better understanding of the financial end of our operation without having to sit behind a desk all day.”

Decisions Based on Efficiency and Data

Kasey and Heath are efficiency-driven. They keep a constant pulse on their crew’s work at the field level, they have multiple test plots to analyze historical data, and they are carrying out their family’s legacy with smart succession planning. All ways they’ve used to grow and scale.
Bryant Ag has also pushed for digitizing their entire operation so they can utilize data which allows them to make financial decisions with more speed, confidence, and precision. Learn more about Bryant Ag’s best practices and how relying on Granular keeps them operating at high efficiency.

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