Meet Granular Product Manager, Jenna Milano

What do you LOVE about working here?
Working with really smart and passionate people. I work with people who come from various backgrounds and it’s really exciting to have that exposure. It’s equally exciting to work with international teams.
From a product perspective, we are faced with so many great challenges that really make working on Granular Business interesting, challenging, and allows for individual and team growth.
Work/life balance is important to me and Granular has been nothing but exemplar on this value. Our corporate culture respects and values family responsibilities and encourages individuals to balance work and life.
Why are you passionate about Granular’s mission?
In today’s society, most of us are disconnected to how food is actually produced. We are so lucky to be able to go to a grocery store and find whatever we want… this convenience is easily taken for granted.
However, food does indeed come from somewhere… it comes from our farmers!
At Granular, we are helping those farmers become more efficient and profitable. I think that working on optimizing our product is a great way to be able to give back not only to farmers but to society as a whole.
How do you feel about office culture?
I like that it’s always buzzing – its a busy office, with great energy and passion. We share a big open space, in an environment with tons of windows giving us bright light and plants everywhere. It feels really welcoming and calming.
What’s a day in the life like for you here?
As a Product Manager, you are responsible for creating a product vision, being the voice of your end users and shipping great product.
Depending on where we are in the product development cycle, my day to day changes. However, my time is spent between 3 main things.

  • Conducting research. I stay on top of industry dynamics, what end users want, and how my product is performing in market. Researching the industry, new trends and competitors is important to build out a strategic vision and approach to market. Keeping a pulse on our customers and end users is vital to prioritizing the right features to address their objectives and pain points. Monitoring usage behaviors and patterns of your product in the market also helps gage where to invest in or uncover potential usability problems.
  • Product development. I need to write what is in scope to build and then support the team throughout design, development and test. I also talk to customers and customer success managers to understand what new features or enhancements need to be made to inform our roadmap strategy.
  • Cross-team communication. I spend a good deal of time communicating with my product team and cross functional teams as well as engineering, QA, marketing, and management. We talk about our strategies and plans for our product vision, product roadmap, and how to apply our research findings. We use research and data to build a case for new features or enhancements to get buy in and support from others.

What gets you excited to come here every day?
Being in the middle of all the excitement and to know you are making a difference in the world of agriculture.
How do you impact the product?
Learning as much as possible about who is using our product how they are, their pain points, and what they are trying to achieve. The better we can serve our customers the more valuable our product will be.
How do you impact your team?
Being present and visible to support the team and to step in when you need to. Create a strong vision, and establish clear priorities.
How have you incorporated the Granular values in your day to day?
Teamwork. This is so important. We live and breathe by teamwork. We’re all experts in our own domains, and we lean on each other’s strength to build the best possible product.
Simplicity. We always try to keep things simple and work efficiently. For example, we’ll be in a meeting checking out our weekly product usage report, and we all contribute to it in real-time to make it complete, accurate, and easy to understand.
Optimism. All of our individual personalities bring out various levels of positivity, but as a team, as a whole. we stay very positive, and use optimism as a way to create a great team environment that is create forward movement everyday.
What have you learned during your time here at Granular?
I am learning every day. The biggest area of growth I’ve experienced and continue to experience is being part of the agriculture industry. Learning all aspects of agriculture and how we can better serve our customers.

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