Six Unique Ways to Use AcreValue

Since April 2015, and now with over 300 thousand unique monthly visitors, AcreValue has become the go-to source for land intelligence for landowners, farmers, and land professionals.

Farmland brokers, lenders, appraisers, and investors are the most common users of our premium services. Why? To provide some examples, the site helps brokers quickly build comparative market analysis reports. Lenders can more easily determine the value of the land as collateral. Appraisers see the software as comprehensive source of sales leads. And investors can use search filters to find and value properties across the US that are suited to their portfolio.

While these are the most common uses, we always enjoy hearing about new and unique ways our customers use AcreValue to help accomplish their goals. Here are just a few of them:

Solar Development

We regularly hear from customers involved in the renewable energy sector. Kevin Betz with Community Energy sums up his use case: “Our Development Team utilizes AcreValue’s parcel search function to quickly target opportunities for new projects.”

Film Industry

Ever wonder how they found the perfect locations to film your favorite movie? Location scouts look for suitable properties before filming starts, and often maintain a database of properties with particular characteristics in case they’re requested. And in order to negotiate legal access, they first have to determine who owns the land. We’ve heard from a location scout who uses AcreValue to quickly explore properties and determine ownership.

Carbon Capturing Programs

Sustainable timberland investment firms can keep up with local timberland values through sold land records and search for new opportunities on a national scope.

Mineral Acquisition

Mineral acquisition and appraisal firms use AcreValue to identify the surface owners and reach out about the possibility of acquiring subsurface mineral rights. Any time our program helps parties come together to explore additional ways to generate income from their land, we are thrilled.

Recreational Activities

Finding out who owns properties with ideal characteristics for hunting becomes significantly easier with an online digital plat book, where ownership and land use details are available in a couple of mouse clicks. Hunters across the U.S. use AcreValue to find their ideal parcel. Also, snowmobile clubs report saving substantial time by using AcreValue for landowner information and aerial imaging.

Law Enforcement

Various members of the law enforcement community use AcreValue in their roles protecting and serving the public. For example, we have heard from state troopers who use AcreValue to determine who owns a particular property. Law enforcement rangers with the National Park Service often use the site to identify landowners for notification purposes when cattle and cars collide.

With the ability for a user to now “Claim My Land” on AcreValue and opt in to receiving inquiries, we’re sure to hear about more interesting use cases in the future. If you’re a landowner, find your land on AcreValue to claim it.

Dylan Bone is an Account Executive with AcreValue. He works closely with our Pro customers across the US to meet their subscription, enterprise account, and bulk data (e.g., targeted mailing list) needs. To ensure best-in-class service to the land professionals, he’s continuing his education through the REALTORS® Land Institute.

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