The Big Show at NAFB – Audio Blog with Clint Pickard

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Andy Petersen, host of the premier farm broadcast The Big Show, WHO-AM, Des Moines, interviewed Clint Pickard, Granular area district sales manager, at the recent NAFB Trade Talk event. Listen below to hear Andy and Clint discuss some actionable steps to a profitable 2020, and how Granular software helps growers focus on the right things.

  • Data usage on the farm is growing – and more important than ever
  • Post-harvest is the time to focus on soil health, fertility and nitrogen
  • Decision zones and historical data are the key to a successful 2020
  • Work with trusted advisors to help analyze the data and create a plan

With Granular Agronomy to manage soil health, Granular Business to manage the day-to-day, and Granular Insights to go beyond intuition, Granular software and service meets the grower where they are.

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Jolene Brown, CSP, CPAE, December 27, 2019